Facebook ‘7 to 70’ – The Great Leveller

10 Jan

Stats, after all, are just that – stats..the commonest ones on Facebook going around are those that we’ve seen too – how it is the third biggest country population wise; how it made the fastest half billion users and then billion; how americans spend on an average 3 hours per day on it; how the IPO should have made money for investors but didnt 🙂 (ok, i just put that in to be mean).

And, dabbling in analytics of Social Media meant that I had to atleast be a user of its prime channel. But the sheer ubiquitousness of the channel came home to me, when on the same day, first my now 7 yr daughter came to me and said – “mamma, for my 7th birthday can you please gift me a facebook account” (as an aside, when told that u cant get an account – she said “but its OK to lie on facebook and gmail! – i was reading somewhere that over 5 million under 13s have facebook accounts!)and my 70 year old mom, to whom i’d just gifted a laptop (she loves playing games and i thought maybe she wd email a few friends!) told me – hey, can you open a facebook account for me!!! Little did i know that i’d unleashed Frankenstein!

So this is the generational cohort – 7 to 70 – that facebook appeals to. My mom, atleast once in every conversation now uses the word “Facebook” – so its, “i saw a nice joke on fb today….” or, “hey, you were looking really nice in that sari – i saw the picture you posted on fb”…or, “i put up a really good book reco – go read it on fb!”

And my 7 year old – who was obviously denied her account – says – everyday – “when I’m 13, I’ll get my fb a/c, and when I’m 18 I’ll get my iPhone!” (another couple of asides – even preschoolers are now connected – soon they will be on fb!and kids in the household drive higher smartphone engagement)

My tech challenged aunt, who didnt even know how to switch on a comp, now facebook chats everyday with her daughter who is studying oversees…

Fully 40% of teens say they’re more comfortable online than in person and an equal percentage say they have a different personality online than in person according to a new study from Intel.

Its also true that fb did motivate US youth voters to take action in their election.

Families apart, the same is true of offices isn’t it. Till last month, I didn’t accept any friend requests from office folks (this being my firmly held philosophy that facebook is not for office stuff ). Post retirement, that’s the first thing I did – and the amount of time folks that I KNOW are very busy at work, spend on it WHILE at work is just mind – boggling! This incidentally is NOT the cue to restart the debate on social networks affecting productivity – most of the above folks are hugely productive and dedicated professionals, delivering day after day on very stringent deadlines. So it MUST be the “stress busting” aspect of it that propagates such heavy usage!

So, despite plateauing/ falling growth rates and doomsday predictions abt its decline, its true that “The only way the world is going to end in 2012 is if Facebook is taken off the Internet!” Mayans be damned!

On this topic, a few faintly funny quotes i found for Facebook, enjoy!…

– “Facebook, creating and killing relationships since 2004”
– “facebook is like boys – once you understand them, they change”
– “i want to be born during the times when social media didn’t ruin relationships and Facebook was two separate words with two different meanings”
– “i love facebook – its the only place you can talk to a wall and not look like an idiot”
– “my facebook account will be named nobody so that nobody can like posts on the facebook ”

and the last, and very very true for my older daughter who DOES have a brand new facebook account — “My parents should be proud of me because im addicted to facebook not to drugs”


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