The ABC of Social Media

17 Jan

This has to be sung to the tune of “A, You’re adorable” by Perry Como

A If you want Awareness
B for your Brand or yourself
C you want Connectedness too..
D you start Deciding
E what you need Expressing
& F you get a Facebook page or two…

G you could also get Google +
H If you Hurry up
I for pics download Instagram, you do..
J since now you’ve Joined these sites
K you check your Klout profiles
And see how many people “Like” you…

M it started with Myspace
Which Now does Not exist
Another one was Orkut too..
But use Pinterest for visual graphics designs and recipes
Quora for Questions and Answers
And Retweet always if you want followers few…

Social Media is easy
Twitter is so short and sweet
You can link to the Universe and all of them View..
W for your Workplace
X for eXtra communication pace
Y you can use Yammer for true…

After All this is done,
And to bed has gone the sun
Its time for you to catch your
ZZZZZssss but not for long

Coz, you gotta start all over again,
It then becomes an addiction
That you need to get out of very soon

Its fun to wander through…
Social Media alphabet with you
To teach you what to do with it!!!

(I tried to also upload a very imperfect rendition – my household thought i was mad, video-recording myself singing ABC! – but unfortunately this free edition of wordpress doesn’t allow mpeg format uploads 🙂 Maybe later)


2 Responses to “The ABC of Social Media”

  1. Shoma January 17, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    This is truly cool :)! I HAVE to see the video now!


  1. Social Media in Politics – Necessary Evil or Proxy Democracy? « joshsang - January 30, 2013

    […] Oh ofcourse – SoMe 101, isn’t it? This is one of the primary uses of SoMe (see the ABC of Social Media). But really, an easy way to spread the real message / releases / communication is open your […]

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